The Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Law Review (BETR) is a student-edited publication at the University of Missouri School of Law whose primary purpose is to provide a three-part publication offering and to host periodic symposia on relevant topics to cultivate cutting-edge information and legal analysis over a wide range of topics and issues.  BETR’s purpose is to publish articles on developing legal matters that are relevant to practitioners, academics, and policymakers who continue to inform and shape our legal environment.

BETR’s three-part publication consists of biannual journal issues and frequent white papers, called BETR Solutions, and forum posts. BETR has been publishing BETR Solutions, Forum posts and online journal issues since 2017.

Journal issues include articles written by law professors, practicing attorneys, business experts, and members of BETR’s staff. White papers are concise, in-depth analyses of complex legal issues within the scope of business, entrepreneurship, or tax matters composed by subject matter experts. Forum posts are short summary pieces highlighting a specific legal or news issue within the scope of business, entrepreneurship, or tax legal matters composed by members of BETR’s staff and outside contributors.

Student Leadership

Jordan Duenckel

Managing Editor
Austin Rucker

Associate Editor-in-Chief
Rachel Owings

Lead Articles Editor
Michael Moedritzer

Senior Note & Comment Editor
Tyler Miller

Layout & Design Editor
Annie Carberry

Note & Comment Editors
Madi Desens
Rob Lass
Alden Smith

Associate Managing Editors
Maxwell Rubin
Clayton Watts

2023-24 Associate Members
Georgia Bronson
Emma Chedwick
Rachel Gardner
Jeffrey Giesmann
Mariana Larson
Joseph Link
Sophia Marcolla
Abigail Martin
Aubrey Manculich
Zack Mikuls
Kayla Reese
Gwendolyne Williams
Thomas Young

Faculty Advisor
Lauren Shores Pelikan